Support For Your Divorce

Support For Your Divorce


“Till death do us part” is not always a promise you can keep. If the problems in your marriage are beyond repair and filing for divorce is your next step, you will want to know the procedure for doing so in Texas.

To file for divorce in Texas, one spouse must have lived in Texas for at least six months prior to filing, and at least one must reside in the county where the petition is filed for at least 90 days. After you have filed, if there is no opposition, a divorce will become official after a 60 day waiting period.

Texas is a no fault state. This means you do not need to prove wrong doing, such as abuse or infidelity, to file for divorce. You are also not obligated to stay in a marriage if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers.
Although the process of divorce may be overwhelming on a personal level, the experienced and compassionate staff at the Marroquin Law Firm are here to help you in the courtroom. Contact us today 956-287-7400 to obtain the most beneficial divorce possible.


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