Donít be Pushed Out of Your Partnership

Donít be Pushed Out of Your Partnership


If you’re co-founding a company, you might not be worried about your partner taking advantage of you; after all you are partners, through thick and thin, right?  Don’t be so trusting! When that company ends up being worth millions or even billions, relationships tend to take a backseat to the bottom line. If you did not protect yourself with contracts and the proper agreements before beginning your venture, you run the risk of being pushed out by your partners. Recently, Snapchat has settled a lawsuit filed by its ousted co-founder, Reggie Brown, who almost suffered this fate. (Read more: http://read.bi/2iuZ8R3.)

If you’re thinking of starting a business with a partner (even a family member) make sure to do everything by the book with the help of the Marroquin law group. We will ensure that the structure of your new venture is crystal clear to all parties, setting you up for a litigation-free future.


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