Negotiating with the prosecutor

Negotiating with the prosecutor

During pre-trial motions or even during a trial, you reach a point in the case where the only option is to negotiate with the prosecutor. Although it is not as favorable as receiving a dismissal, negotiating a plea deal may be the most convenient, economical and realistic way to resolve a criminal charge.

Negotiating a deal with the prosecution does not necessarily mean you have lost. For a misdemeanor offense, such as DWI, your attorney can negotiate a pre-trial diversion or deferred adjudication, which delays the entry of a guilty verdict. Typically, the successful completion of probation and other requirements from the court, allows the defendant to avoid a charge on their criminal record through expungement or a non-disclosure agreement.

The Marroquin Law Firm is experienced in negotiating with prosecutors and will fight to secure you the best outcome for your criminal case.


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